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Michael Kuttner

(UN) limited obsessions continue...

First published in jWire

June 26, 2015

By Michael Kuttner

Another week and more obsessive, unmitigated outpourings of condemnation issue forth from groups which are dedicated to slandering the Jewish State.

It's not just outright bias and hate that spews forth from United Nations sanctioned bodies; it is also the spectacle of those who should know better, pontificating about things of which they are blissfully ignorant. Ignorance comes in various forms ranging from genuine lack of knowledge through to willful distortion and deliberate fudging of facts. This week has produced a bumper crop of biased bloopers. Dissecting them should provide an illuminating illustration of how deliberate dissemination of untruths and half-truths with the help of a willing media contributes to the ever-growing delegitimizing of Israel in particular and Jews in general. As mentioned in my previous op-ed, generous funding from European sources fuels these continual torrents of destructive accusations. More

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Published in the Otago Daily Times on July 1, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal
This week the Iranian Parliament while chanting death to America voted almost unanimously against allowing UN inspectors into its nuclear program. Obviously dealing with Iran will require more wisdom than was shown by Neville Chamberlain pre WW2. But this desire for a deal at any cost will bring us war, and it won't be just Israel and the US who will suffer, it will be the Iranian people.

During the 1980's Iran threw waves of young boys against fortified positions with fatal consequences. Later in an attempt to break the deadlock nine year old boys were tasked with clearing mine fields by walking through them hand in hand. So striking a good deal with a nation that commits mass murder against its own people and funds more than 25 terrorists groups world wide, second only to Saudi Arabia, will require another Winston Churchill and much more wisdom than President Obama is currently showing.

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McCully pushes for Palestine-Israel peace process

Friday Jun 5, 2015
By Kate Shuttleworth
New Zealand foreign minister Murray McCully arrived in the Middle East in a push to get Israeli and Palestinian leadership back to the negotiation table.
While at a function at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and asked by the New Zealand Herald how soon peace talks could resume Mr McCully said: “my first preference would be tomorrow morning”. ..

An ANZAC message from Australia's ambassador to Israel

Dave and Michael

April 21, 2014 by Michael Kuttner
It is obvious that Dave Sharma enjoys his ambassadorial duties in a country which in his words is so diverse and dynamic. He never ceases to be amazed by the vitality and variety of experiences which makes Israel such a leader in so many fields of endeavor. .. Download a pdf

A Yossele in trouble

Joey taped into Kangaroo

April 21, 2014 by Michael Kuttner
We call them Joeys but perhaps Israelis may refer them to as Yosseles…either way one found himself in trouble in Ramat Gan.
Keren Or of the Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan sends us this report: “The story is that Alex the keeper found the Red kangaroo joey on the ground, hypothermic and dirty. The joey must have fallen from its mother’s pouch during the night or early morning. Alex rushed the joey to the zoo hospital for care.”.. Download a pdf

Muslims who saved Jews in WW2 honored at exhibition

A new exhibition launching at Melbourne's Jewish Holocaust Centre will paint a picture of how Muslims saved the lives of many Jewish people in Albania during World War II. ...... Read More

Australians harassed at Temple Mount

By Michael Kuttner - March 13, 2015

Women and youngsters have attacked a group of Australian youth visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem this week. ...... Read More

An ancient metanarrative for
modern Jew hatred

Feb 11, 2015
By Perry Trotter's Blogg - A New Zealand photographer and composer. Perry is the creator of Shadows of Shoah, a unique multidisciplinary touring Holocaust exhibition.
Tonight we remember Europe's decisive action to purge itself once for all of the Jews, and of all that they represent. Advisedly I say Europe acted, not merely Germany....... More at The Times of Israel

An Israeli conductor collapsed and died in the middle of a performance as horrified audience members looked on.

Jan 31, 2015

Internationally renowned conductor drops dead in front of screaming audience and musicians during a symphony in Switzerland .... Read More at NZ Herald

Israel says Hezbollah to pay 'full price' over missile attack

Jan 29, 2015

Israel has warned Lebanon's Hezbollah it will pay the "full price" after missiles killed two Israeli soldiers yesterday in an attack that raised fears of another all-out war. ... Read More at NZ Herald

Kiwi educators at Yad Vashem

January 30, 2015

by Michael Kuttner
A group of twenty New Zealand high school teachers and educators have been attending a course on Holocaust studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

Following in the footsteps of a previous group these educators spent an intensive two weeks not only learning about how to more effectively teach about the Holocaust but also seeing some of the sights.

Chris Harris, Onehunga College (Auckland), Anna Chapman Holocaust Centre of NZ (Wellington) and Mike Brady, Porirua College (wellington) Chris Harris, Onehunga College (Auckland), Anna Chapman Holocaust Centre of NZ (Wellington) and Mike Brady, Porirua College (wellington)

J-Wire's correspondent Michael Kuttner took the opportunity to talk to some of them the day before International Holocaust Remembrance commemorations were due to take place and they returned home. Read More

Bumbling Jihadi Reveals Location on Twitter

Mark John Taylor - aka Abu Abdul Rahman - of New Zealand, has said 'people might call me stupid and dumb.'

By Arutz Sheva
An Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist from New Zealand has suspended his Twitter account after mistakenly tweeting his location from Syria, reports The Independent.

Taylor posted a video three months ago, in which he said he was in Syria and that his "commitment is for jihad."

In September 2011, he appeared on British TV3's 60 Minutes, and claimed his life had been ruined after he previously traveled to Pakistan in 2009 and tried to enter the Al-Qaeda stronghold of Wana.

Mark John Taylor, who now goes by the name of Mohammad Daniel or Abu Abdul Rahman, failed to turn off the location service on his Twitter account, thereby identifying his whereabouts every time he tweeted. Read More

Egypt starts work on Gaza buffer zone

October 30 2014. Read at

The item above was published online in Stuff but not on the NZ Herald web site.
As at October 31 neither appeared in the printed versions of either paper. The photo and article showed about 800 homes raised on the border between Egypt and Gaza and it is intended to stop Militants crossing into Egypt.
Now if it were Israel bulldozing homes.......

Palestinian: Donors wary of funding Hamas-run Gaza

By Karin Laub, Wednesday Sep 10, 2014
The New Zealand Herald

Outrage at “Auckland bishops condemn Gaza violence”

The Auckland Anglican and Catholic bishops published a combined statement which contains many inaccuracies, but fortunately good people are responding.

Anglicans Down Under
Anglicans Down Under

Bishops’ Statement “Arrogant, Ignorant, Smacks of Anti-Semitism”

NZ Catholic
Full article with comnments beloiw


Tuesday 11 Aug 2014
“Bash the Jews, cut their heads off. cut their f****ing heads off”
See on Whale Oil's Blog

Australian journalist who has no pity for Gaza

Tuesday 9 Aug, 2014
Short UTube video

Ten thousand in Australia rally in support of Israel

August 4, 2014.
SYDNEY — Ten thousand Australians rallied in support of Israel in Sydney on Sunday at a peaceful demonstration in one of the city's suburbs.
Participants at the rally waved signs saying “We stand with Israel!” and “Stop the rockets!” and chanted “Am Yisroel Chai” as they heard communal figures defend the Jewish State. ...See article at WJC


Rally in Auckland with a fine speech by Maori woman, Sheree Trotter.

Sheree Trotter is the interviewer and researcher for Shadows of Shoah. She is a Maori New Zealander. On August 10 2014 a rally was held in central Auckland, NZ, to affirm Israel's right to exist, her right to defend herself against Hamas' agression, and to respond to the worldwide surge of antisemitic expression. The event was attended by about 800 supporters. Sheree was invited to give a speech. See and hear here at Shadows of Shoah or Download transscript in pdf


Tuesday 11 Aug 2014
“Bash the Jews, cut their heads off. cut their f****ing heads off”
See on Whale Oil's Blog

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From Other Angles — Good News

Q&A Michael Khoury: Israeli Arab promotes trade in Canada More

Daily Report of the Gaza Strip Crossings 01.06.15 Read pdf

Why Israel matters to America More - Washington Examiner

“A Roof for All” shelter program in Nepal IsraAID has launched its “A Roof for All” program to provide safe and sturdy transitional shelter for thousands of displaced families who have lost their homes as a result of the last two devastating earthquakes in Nepal. More - Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ecuador-Israel: the “Green Brick” Community Project to build a medical center More - Israel Science Info

Israel, Kazakhstan Launch Joint Irrigation Project in Almaty Region Though the anti-Israel boycott movement seems to be spreading at an alarming rate, it appears Kazakhstan has little interest in such politics, as the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced a joint initiative to develop the Central Asian nation’s irrigation systems. More - The algemeiner

Thanks to Israel, Paper Will Soon be a Thing of the Past More - Israel Video Network

Nuclear-neutered flies head to Balkans Millions of Israeli-raised sterile insects primed to go into battle against the Mediterranean fruit fly, which has been wreaking havoc in citrus groves More

Meet Grammy-nominated mandolinist Avi Avvitol Despite a grueling global concert schedule, the Beersheva nativ’s mandolin-plucking is suffused with energy and charm More

Polish Sejm launches pro- Israel caucus JERUSALEM (Tazpit) - This past week, the Polish Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus was launched at the Polish parliament, known as the Sejm, in Warsaw. An Israeli delegation from the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) and the World Jewish Congress (WJC) were in Warsaw on Monday, June 1 to launch the new caucus. More - San Diego Jewish World

President awards Unity Prize in honor of 3 slain teens Inaugural Jerusalem Unity Prize award ceremony celebrates social initiatives, individuals and members of the Israeli diaspora community for their commitment to unity and tolerance among Jewish communities and Israeli society. More

A baby from East Timor, an Ethiopian doctor and an Israeli charity come together More at i24 News

IDF Major General ditches Army career to build home for the disabled More at UTube

Students Build a Community More at UTube

When A Student’s Baby Started Crying In Class, This Professor Did The Most Awesome Thing More at BuzzFeed life

Miamians forge bonds with Israel’s tech innovators More at Maima Herald

RPT-Milking it: Israel leads the way in dairy tech More at Reuters

The Israeli technology behind Airbn's most-efficient hosts More at Israel 21c

Germany Donates Funds to Restore Tel Aviv's Bauhaus-Style Buildings More at 5Towns Jewish Times

Israeli innovations save lives in Nepal

May 5, 2015

Israeli medical devices and technology help teams locate and treat victims, says United Hatzalah paramedic in charge of a three-organization relief effort.

Nepal Earthquake: Foreign Medical Personnel Snapshot

As of 30 April 2015

Download a pdf

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Israel sent a delegation of 122 and set up a field hospital. The next country to send aid was Taiwan with 37 people.
Visit website

Nepal Thanks Israel for Humanitarian Aid

May 1, 2015

Download a pdf

By Anav Silverman Tazpit News Agency

The Foreign Minister of Nepal, Mahendra Bahadur Pandey thanked Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman today for the humanitarian aid that Israel has sent in the wake of the country's devastating earthquake. Pandey noted that the Nepalese people deeply appreciate the aid being sent from Israel.

Photos: Magen David Adom spokesperson / MDA delegation providing medical care to locals in Kathmandu this week following the massive earthquake that hit Nepal during the weekend.

Liberman spoke with Pandey on Tuesday morning, April 28 and thanked Nepalese authorities for their assistance in sending out helicopters to evacuate stranded Israelis in more remote areas of Nepal. Nepal agreed to Israel's request to use helicopters chartered in India and China to rescue those stranded Israelis. ..... More

Rescuers on 2 El Al Jets Heading for Nepal Sunday El Al Director David Maimon announced Saturday evening that in response to a request from the Defense Ministry, the airliner will send two 747-400 Jumbo Jets to Nepal at 5:00 p.m. Sunday, following the earthquake that has killed close to 1,500. The planes - a passenger jet and a cargo jet - will carry an aid delegation from the Homefront Command and the Ministry of Defense, along with its equipment and supplies. .. More

Israel's drip irrigation pioneer says his tech feeds a billion people As his firm prepares to unveil world's biggest project in India, Rafi Mehudar, one of this year's Independence Day torch-lighters, says the battle against famine is far from over .. More

Israel Independence Day - Flags, Falafel & Flying A review of the ceremonies, gadgets and trappings unique to our Israel Independence Day celebrations. .. More

PM Netanyahu's Greeting for Independence Day 2015 .. More UTube

Israeli Scientists Discover How a Bacterial Cell Recognizes Its Own DNA .. More

Hadassah Doctors Discover Potential Treatment of Alopecia Areata .. More

How Do Animals Drink - at Safari Ramat Gan .. More UTube

Illustrating Coexistence: The Circassian Captain of Maccabi Haifa/Nahalal .. More UTube

Orad's NAB 2013 On Air Graphics Solutions .. More UTube

Elbit, IMI and Orbit to Develop 3D Printer for Aviation Components .. More

Percepto: Computer Vision Apps for Drones .. More UTube

Israeli's New World Heritage Site (Photo Essay) .. More

From Field to Fork: Produce from the land of Israel provides great Israeli cuisine .. More UTube

A Revolution in Drug Delivery for Ovarian Cancer Tel Aviv University American Friends ... More UTube video

Starting up in Israel: The Unique Opportunity for Women Why you should keep an eye on the startups coming out of Israel — or better yet, launch your own there. ... More

Lawn Bowling for the Blind Vision-impaired Israelis have long been discovering the joys of lawn bowls, and now an innovative program is introducing the sport to children. ... More

Israeli Water Delegation on Mission to Help Brazil Solve Water Crisis Brazil is experiencing its worst water shortage ever. Low levels of rainfall, increased water use, and low infrastructure investments have led to the lowest water levels in the history of Brazil. ... More

Canada, Israel join forces to aid Ukrainian agriculture ... More

Solar power for Burundi has Israeli ties Gigawatt Global plans a 7.5-megawatt solar PV field to produce enough electricity for 60,000 households in Burundi’s Gitega region. ... More

More power per flower Joint Israeli-American ‘precise breeding’ project is working toward extending the shelf-life of petunias, one of the world’s favorite flowers ... More

In Israel's High-Tech Desert, Food Solutions For The Third World ... More

The Carasso Science Park - Be'er Sheva ... More UTube Video

Don't press paws: how DogTV built a global TV channel for man's best friends No cats allowed on the first TV station for dogs, which wants to relieve separation anxiety: ‘People feel really guilty leaving their dogs at home ...’ More

Israeli Stamps - Index 2015 ... More

The Knesset Goes Solar:

Israel's Government Building Becomes ‘Greenest Parliament’ in the World

April 28, 2014
By Anav Silverman, Tazpit News Agency

With nearly 50 years of history behind Israel's parliament building, the Classical stone structure has seen countless historical changes and events. But a new kind of revolution is making its way through the halls of the Israeli parliament with the “Green Knesset Project”, a unique environmentally friendly initiative spearheaded by Members of Knesset from the right and left of Israel's political parties.

On Sunday, March 29, the largest solar field in any parliament in the world was unveiled as one of the major highlights of the Green Knesset Project, undertaken by the 19th Knesset over one year ago. The solar field contains 4.65 dunams of solar panels, which have been installed on the roofs of the Knesset. .... Read Full article

Israeli doctors save life of Iraqi toddler with heart defect Team of Hadassah Hospital surgeons spend eight hours performing complicated operation that included moving main arteries and creating path through Maryam Mansour's heart so it would function normally ... More

Israeli Company Gets $5 Million Financing to Develop Heart Monitoring Implant Chronic congestive heart failure (CHF) is the primary cause of hospitalization in people over the age of 65, affecting about 26 million people globally. The related cost in the United States alone is estimated at up to $40 billion. About half that amount stems from hospital readmissions - 25 percent of heart-failure patients are readmitted within a month, and half within six months. ... More

Baseball for All - Not Just a Catchphrase Baseball is not politics, so what better way is there to bring together two sides of a divide than through a sport where the greatest conflict is over a bad call by an umpire. ... More

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