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Michael Kuttner

Reports from our man on the ground.

First published in jWire


17 July, 2017

It is very rare for the international media to have no news about Israel. Likewise our local media hardly misses an opportunity to inform us about developments here.

The Maccabiah is an interesting example of how a seemingly hot news event hardly features in our daily domestic diet of newsworthy items. Prior to the games commencing there was lots of pre publicity and even supplements in the newspapers. The English language media seemed to be more focused on this international gathering of Jewish athletes and this became more evident once the competitions started. Israel TV featured the opening ceremony on its KAN channel but this was the only one to do so. The live coverage was somewhat ruined by regular commercial breaks which meant that large segments of the proceedings were missing.

Fortunately as Australia was the first team to march into the stadium in Jerusalem we were able to watch their large contingent and exuberant participants receive an enthusiastic welcome from the public. By the time countries starting with the letter N were due to march past we were already being bombarded with endless & mindless advertisements. When these .... More

Media Down Under


Our analysis of the New Zealand Herald's coverage of Israel shows some inprovement, but all isn't right yet. More

Radio New Zealand does it again

June 22, 2016 by Michael Kuttner from J-Wire
Israel media monitor Honest Reporting has found Radio New Zealand incapable or unwilling to ascertain the veracity of news reports about Israel emanating from well-known suspect sources.

The latest example of repeating blatantly biased news revolves around a news item issued originally by Al Jazeera in which Israel is accused of shutting off water supplies to the “West Bank” and its Palestinian Arab residents. Picked up by the likes of The Independent (UK), International Business Times and the Times of London this modern-day equivalent of the medieval well poisoning libels against Jews soon went viral.

A full report by Honest Reporting on this false story in the international media can be seen here: honestreporting.com/water-apartheid/

Also see on Shalom Kiwi - Radio NZ Spreads Anti-Israel Water Libel

Recent Letters to Media

Gwynne Dyer 31/05/2017: Gwynne is typical of journalists and historians these days, ignore all the actual facts and make it up depending on your world view. Gwynne claims Israel stole lands from the Arab world7363; but the evidence points to Jews returning to lands that they were driven from by the Romans more than 2000 years ago. Rome started the destruction of the Jewish population along with the Temple, then over the years the Muslims under Mohamed, followed by the Ottomans, continued this destruction of the land of Israel. Even to the extent .... More

From Other Angles — Good News


July 17, 2017 by Michael Kuttner

Living in Israel is exciting and rewarding for those of us not consumed by the endless stream of negative dramas which the media loves to peddle.

Here are another three examples of good news which may have escaped your notice this week. .... More

Expecting a city of history, conflict and religion, Stephanie Holmes discovers a multitude of treasures - and a foodie heaven - in beautiful, baffling Jerusalem

More - www.nzherald.co.nz/

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