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First published in jWire


21 August 2017

There have been many instances in history when appeasement instead of action has resulted in carnage and catastrophe.

The tragedy is that lessons still do not seem to have been learnt and the international community is in danger of repeating the same ghastly mistakes all over again. Jews have always been the proverbial “canaries in the mine” but for many these days, their early warning systems seem to have shut down.

The twentieth century witnessed a horrendous procession of massacres and genocides every one of them preventable or at least able to be thwarted if decisive action had been taken in time. .... More

Media Down Under


Our analysis of the New Zealand Herald's coverage of Israel shows some inprovement, but all isn't right yet. More

Recent Letters to Media

Published in the Otago Daily Times on 4th August, 2017

On Saturday 29th July a rally was held on Aotea Square Auckland to show support for Jerusalem. That in itself is not a crime, but one of the supporters was brandishing a Hezbollah tee shirt while another assaulted a young man that supported Israel. While it is important in a free country that people may support groups we may not agree with, but Hezbollah has been designated a terrorist group by the New Zealand government. Would it also be permissible for an ISIL flag to be flown in the name of free speech! Is it permissible for one group to support a known terrorist group while assaulting another citizen exercising his right to free speech!

If we are a country of laws one would expect the police to nip this kind of behavior in the bud before it escalates. Europeans made the mistake of tolerating intolerance many years ago and is now paying the price; I would hope the New Zealand police and Susan Devoy will take a very dim view of this blatant racist extremist activity. .... More letters

From Other Angles — Good News


21 August 2017 by Michael Kuttner

This week's examples illustrate how Israel continues to lead the world in so many ways.


Within 24 hours of hearing that Sierra Leone desperately needed food for the survivors of the recent devastating floods, Israel swung into action. Trucks with 20,000 meals arrived in the Capital of Freetown, distributed to those left homeless.

Israel was the first country to respond in a practical manner. While others dithered and set up committees to decide what to do, Israel acted. The next stage of Israel's assistance will be the provision of antibiotics to deal with the possibility of an outbreak of cholera.


The country's first whiskey distillery is preparing to release Israel's first single malt.
Although wine has been produced in the Holy Land for millennia, and modern Israeli wines have gained international renown in recent years, whisky production is new to the country.

The Milk and Honey distillery was established in 2013. It does not work on Shabbat so its products carry the highest Kashrut certification. Exports are slated to commence in 2019.


Following surgery to remove cancerous growths and tumors, conventional medical practice has been to refrain from any additional intervention for a period of several weeks before and after the surgery. That means no chemotherapy, radiation or immune therapy.

New research from Israel says that may be a fatal mistake.

The researchers found that, rather than do nothing, if they applied a specific drug regimen consisting of a beta blocker and an anti-inflammatory, they could reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. The recommended inexpensive drug cocktail is considered safe and consists of Deralin (used to reduce blood pressure and anxiety) and Etopan (which reduces inflammation).

The researchers were amazed with the results. The next step is a longer scale clinical trial. Positive results will lead to a brighter future for oncology patients.


Far from the daily media headlines and negative reports there is a quiet revolution taking place. Watch this short video and learn how Arabs and Jews are forging working relationships which can lay the foundation for future peaceful relations.

These are the enterprises which the proponents of BDS are campaigning to destroy. Ask yourselves this question: “who is really working for peace? Israelis providing employment and remuneration or those dedicated to boycotts, divestment and sanctions?”

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