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Michael Kuttner

Mind the Gap

November 28, 2014

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By Michael Kuttner
Everyone traveling by train or underground will be familiar with the announcements of “mind the gap.”

These public warnings are designed to prevent passengers from suffering serious injury as they descend or board trains. I know of a friend who actually did not mind the gap closely enough and as a result had a narrow escape as his leg was caught between the train steps and the platform.... Read More

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Printed in the Otago Daily Times on Nov. 14th 2014

Egypt expels Gazans and THE WORLD IS SILENT
For it's new buffer zone plan, Egypt is using force to seize, explode, and destroy 800+ homes to create this zone 500 meters wide into Gaza all along their combined 13 kilometre border. They are also planning to dig a channel with a depth and width of 20 metres to be filled with water along the same border, to prevent the building of more tunnels.
The expulsion has been sped up after the Egyptian Army discovered hundreds more smuggling tunnels into Sinai from satellite imagery. 200 Gazan families are said to have accepted a financial package the other 680 have refused.
Hamas terrorists provided weapons smuggled through tunnels and used for the killing of 31 Egyptian soldiers in El Arish recently, by Jihadists sympathetic to ISIS. .... Read More

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The author with an Iraqi child
August 27, 2014. History often repeats itself. Watching the News each night takes me back to the post- Gulf War days when along with nursing colleague Eve and Dr Dick Rodgers, I helped resettle the Kurds who had fled to Turkey over mountains from Saddam's punishing hordes. .. Nothing Much Has Changed by KBRM Member

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From Other Angles — News

Israel's Recognition of Aramean Nationality Empowers Arameans Worldwide In Demand For Rights

World Council of Arameans
Now “Looks Specifically to Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon”

By Tzvi Zucker
Tazpit News Agency - Tuesday 24 November, 2014

Lost in the uproar over the proposed Nationality Bill has been the historic recognition of Arameans as a separate nationality in Israel. Israel is the first country in the world to recognize the Arameans.

Israel's historic recognition has empowered and emboldened Arameans to seek better treatment in other countries they live in. Read more

Jewish boy, 4, clouted on head

Sunday Nov 23, 2014
Suspected hate crime in upmarket Auckland suburb adds to nasty incidents. Read more at NZ Herald

Har Nof: Australian ambassador donates blood

November 20, 2014,
Australia’s ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma has donated blood to the hospital treating the victims of the Har Nof massacre…and has visited the wounded. Read more

CNN misreports Jerusalem terror attack, apologizes - Israel Hayom

19 Nov, 2014
As news outlets around the world reported on Tuesday's brutal terror attack at a Har Nof synagogue, some members of the international press - most notably CNN - got the facts disturbingly wrong. Read More

Jews bare the brunt for naive hatred of Israel

November 20, 2014 - Sydney Morning Herald
The core basis of hostility to Israel is a lack of acknowledgement that most of the constrictive actions Israel has taken in the Palestinian territories – the walls, roadblocks, security restrictions - has been in reaction to an intransigent Palestinian political culture, a template set in place 45 years ago by the corruption and rejectionism of the first Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. Read More

Nasrallah: Hezbollah ready to fight Israel despite Syrian war

November 4, 2014
Shiite leader promises that rockets will again force the closure of Ben Gurion Airport during the next conflict. Read More

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From Other Angles — Gaza

Egypt starts work on Gaza buffer zone

October 30 2014. Read at

The item above was published online in Stuff but not on the NZ Herald web site.
As at October 31 neither appeared in the printed versions of either paper.
The photo and article showed about 800 homes raised on the border between Egypt and Gaza and it is intended to stop Militants crossing into Egypt.
Now if it were Israel bulldozing homes.......

Palestinian: Donors wary of funding Hamas-run Gaza

By Karin Laub, Wednesday Sep 10, 2014
The New Zealand Herald

“The best speech an Israeli diplomat ever held”

George Deek’s speech in Oslo 27 September 2014.
George Deek is a Christian Arab from the ancient Mediterranean city of Jaffa. He is also deputy to Israeli Druze poet and academic Naim Araidi, who currently serves as Israel’s ambassador to Norway. Late last month, Deek addressed a gathering hosted by the Norwegian group “With Israel for Peace.” He delivered what some in that country are calling “the best speech an Israeli diplomat ever made.” Full transcript in English

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